UMI: A trusted EchoNous partner

For over two decades, UMI has been a trusted and established provider of exceptional healthcare solutions. With a rich history spanning 23 years, we have honed our expertise in delivering top-quality products and services to healthcare professionals nationwide. As a premier supplier of the renowned EchoNous Kosmos AI powered ultrasound system, we combine our extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to empower healthcare providers with the latest advancements in patient care. Discover the benefits of our 23 years of experience and unlock unparalleled excellence with the EchoNous Kosmos Ultrasound system, available at UMI.

Meet our team

Mansoor Ghanavati


Teri Stephenson


Steve Kelley


Alana Chan

Office Manager

James Howe


Shelby Creamer


Nico Feuillet


Kent Humerickhouse

Account Manager

John Morlani

Sales Manager